What We Do



MARELUCE ONLUS Association was founded in October 2004 (only) with the purpose of social solidarity, psychological and spiritual assistance. The Association was founded with the aim to support persons and families that have difficulties, disadvantages and chronic diseases. In particular, MARELUCE ONLUS cares about people that have real disadvantages conditions because of disabling psychophysical situations, including cancer patients. The Association promotes new and targeted models of psychological and social assistance that give space to the spiritual dimension growing. MARELUCE ONLUS to promote, coordinate and implement initiatives that let people increase the human component, intended as spiritual resource. MARELUCE ONLUS promote and promulgate his mission organizing courses, seminar and trainings with professional in different areas, meetings, cultural exchanges and lifelong learning. The Association cooperate with public and private authorities, cooperate with other cultural association in the same area organizing events in Sicily. MARELUCE ONLUS headquarters has become, in the local area, a reference point for young professional and their training.


Membership mode:

It is possible to support the MARELUCE ONLUS Association. The membership allows you to enjoy special facilities for all activities promoted by the Association.
For information: 3383057984 - 392 9632900 or mareluce@mareluce.it
Methods for donations


If you think you can contribute to our initiatives  the offers to our association allow you to enjoy some tax advantages. The cash contribution is deducted from the total income of the donor in the limit of 10% of the total declared income, and in any case to the maximum amount of 70,000.00 euros per year, pursuant to paragraph 1 art. 14 of the Decree Law of 14 March 2005, n. 35 converted by the law March 14, 2005 n. 80.

These are the indications for contributions

Unicredit Corso Gelone,30 Siracusa

PAESE IT   CIN EUR 49    CIN Y   ABI 02008  CAB 17104

n. conto  000300413041 




Questa forma di donazione è esente dalle imposte di successione e viene sottratta dal valore netto delle proprietà nel calcolo dell’ammontare delle imposte. Nel caso non esistono parenti, designare come erede Associazione Mareluce Onlus impedisce che le proprietà finiscono allo Stato. Tale Volontà può essere espressa tramite un testamento olografo (scritto di proprio pugno) o tramite un testamento pubblico scritto sotto dettatura da un notaio alla presenza di due testimoni.