Statute of MARELUCE Association



The Social Statute of MARELUCE ONLUS Association



Art. 1

Constituted according to the article 14, basing on the Civil Code and the ONLUS regulations (a no-profit organization for social assistance), it is named “MareLuce ONLUS Association, centre for the management of human relationships and spiritual resources”. Located in Siracusa, Via Pasubio 123, the association may create other seats in order to continue its mission, after authorization of the Directive Council.



Art. 2

The Association has no-profit aim and addresses exclusively to social help and psychological-spiritual support, helping people and families with difficulties, uneasiness and chronic diseases. In particular with psychophysical infirmity cases, social, economical and familiar distress, non-EC immigrants categories: minors, young mothers, indigents and cancer cases. The association acts in the local site and in domiciliary visits, and other kinds of sites provided for any singular need (included internet).


The main interest of the association is to give psychological support to the mentioned categories, showing the human side of the individual: Spirituality. Spirituality is nowadays considered even in scientific environments a strong gift for the human being, with powers of improving the quality of life. To improve or maintain one’s psychological health and to get social integration, Spirituality may be fundamental.


Proposals of the association:

To encourage new models of psychological, social and assistance supports that aid spiritual growth, mental health and give strength to disadvantaged people with psychophysical infirmity situations, familiar, social and economical distress, social outcasting, non-EC immigrants categories: minors, young mothers, indigents and cancer cases. This can be achieved thanks to psychological, pedagogical and psychotherapeutic treatments with Cognitive, Behavioural and Constructive methods, making prevention and cure, helping with the therapy of art (music-therapy, mandala-therapy...).


Additional and external events are proposed in order to get closer to the meaning of Spirituality, referring to themes like peace and man’s rights, making a multiethnic and religious comparison, addressing to the disadvantaged categories and to those who work in this field and have the same purpose of the association. External professionals in several disciplines, already working with other associations and public or private bodies demanding help for the previously mentioned disadvantaged categories, will contribute and cooperate in the association. The association, as well, intends to create a psychosocial observatory and give publicly statistics and data, so that social involvement can be increased.


The association makes no political, sexual, religious or ethnic distinctions