Why talk about Spirituality and talk to people. 




Western people if are not devout, even if are believer, in everyday life they don’t use often their spiritual dimension. In Western cultures, the biological dimension, related to the body is the only dimension that has power. The words plastic surgery and silicone, nowadays are very common terminology. As the French scholar Baudrillard wrote times ago ‘materialization of aesthetics’, dominates every relationship.

These elimination mechanisms of the human being ontogenetic evolution can work until diseases and the risk of death don’t appear. The person that suddenly has to face, without be prepared, a cancer diagnosis falls in total chaos, and with him all the system that surround him, first the family. The person and the family are subjected to an unthinkable but predictable stress.

In these last twenty years Western society has removed the concept of death. Death has been ridiculed, deprived of its meaning, but obviously human being couldn’t eliminate it. The consequences could be: desperation, anger, depression. Focus on the limited existence of human being could help Western people to catch up life natural meaning and help them to live the life in a better way.


The president:

Dott.ssa Daniela Respini, psychologist, cognitive behavioral  psychoterapist , psicho-oncologist